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Accommodation in the city center

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A good idea for any long weekend, especially a romantic getaway with a loved one, will be to book your apartment for a few days

Many possibilities

It can be, for example, a beautifully located, climatic flat, or located on one of the last floors of a high skyscraper, with a view of all parts of the city and the sun.The decision what type of accommodation we really need depends only on our will and what we prefer accommodation.

History, entertainment, business

Wroclaw - the center of entertainment, business and education. A world of young, dynamic and enterprising people. And at the same time a city of older people, remembering war, displaced in one way or another. The spirit of history floating in the air, Lviv songs on June evenings, and sporadically heard, but still the current German language on the streets. Wroclaw, a city of many cultures and a rich past. The local architecture and accommodation facilities also have a similar character.

Wrocław apartments

Among the Wroclaw apartments there are those in which you can see the historic parts of the city, or a huge bridge, and the interior of the building is filled with furniture in the style of the last century. Why not have a cup of aromatic tea sitting on the balcony, eat an aromatic breakfast and feel into the atmosphere of how the inhabitants of this wonderful city lived over 100 years ago. The opposite of these feelings is created by modern, minimalist objects, smelling new, blinding colors. In these, however, we will also sleep comfortably, have a good time and feel like in a newly built building.


in the center of Wroclaw

Reception - ul. Krawiecka 1
50-148 Wrocław, Poland

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