Regulation and terms of stay at AbsyntApart

All guests are obliged to obey the following rules and regulations:

  1. Check-in times are from 15:00, departures are until 11:00. We will always try our best to accommodate earlier arrivals. If the apartment is not ready, you can always leave your luggage in storage next to reception (restricted to availability and space).
  2. Payment for the duration of the stay is to be made upon arrival.
  3. In the case of lack/no payment for rented apartment, the company reserves the right to ask guests to leave the apartment. Failure to do so will result in forceful removal and local police being contacted.
  4. Booking deposits and amount paid for the duration of the stay are non-refundable.
  5. For 6 person size apartments a damage deposit of 400zł is required in cash. For the remote control to access the garage a damage deposit of 100zł is required in cash. At check-out all damage deposits will be refunded, once everything is returned in the condition it was given out in.
  6. 6 person size apartments can be rented only by people of the age of 26 and above.
  7. Loud music and parties are strictly prohibited. Guests in a AbsynApart should be aware that if loud music is played or a party is held and the police or security group JUWENTUS are called, you may be charged 2000zł. The guest on signing the rules and regulations at check-in agrees to behave responsibly and adhere to these restrictions. The guest is also responsible and liable for their accompanying group as well as themselves.
  8. At the check-in the guest is obliged to show either ID or passport. Keys can be collected after payment is made at check-in.
  9. Animals are forbidden in AbsyntApart.
  10. Noise is to be kept to a minimum between hours of 22:00 and 7:00. Respect for other residents is required at all times during duration of stay.
  11. Early departure of guests does not give them the right to demand any form of refund for the payment made for the duration of the stay.
  12. AbsyntApart reserves the right to change guest’s apartment with a similar apartment or in a different location (Old Town, Centre, Wierzbowa, Podwale 83) in the case of unexpected circumstances. AbsyntApart is not responsible for unforeseen circumstances and their consequences.
  13. Smoking in apartments is strictly forbidden. Not adhering will lead to a fine of 500zł.
  14. Guests are completely responsible for the apartment during their stay this includes but not limited to: closing windows and main doors when leaving the apartment, keeping keys in safe place and not sharing them with outsiders.
  15. In the case of losing the key to the apartment or remote control to the garage, guests are obliged to pay a fine.
  16. Any damages caused by you or your group will be deducted from your damage deposit and that you will also be liable to pay for any excess damages (if the deposit does not cover the costs incurred, the due balance will be charged to the provided credit card).
  17. Payments are supported by
  18. Customer data will be processed according to privacy policy.
  19. AbsyntApart reserves the rights to refuse service and check-in for guests who:
    • does not have a valid ID card or does not want to present it when requested,
    • is under influence of alcohol or other intoxicants,
    • while during a previous stay; the individual or his group broke the above-mentioned rules and regulations.
  20. Regulations for the provision of electronic services.
  21. Guest data in the platform reservations will be available for 90 days from the date of check out

Price list of damages:

Bedding – 40zł
Duvet – 50zł
Pillow – 20zł
Single bed frame – 200zł
Bunk bed frame – 500zł
Coat hanger – 50zł
Shelves - 200zł
Mirror - 150zł
Carpet cleaning - 50zł
Table - 30zł
Stool - 20zł
Lamp - 20zł
Mettress - 150zł
Chest of drawers - 250zł
tel. +48 71 798 96 36
mobile: +48 602 899 899
mobile: +48 660 461 461

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