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Wroclaw (Latin Wratislavia or Budorgis, German Breslau, sl-tion. Brassell, semi. Vratislav) - City with county rights in the south-western Poland, the seat of the district of Lower Silesia and Wroclaw. Located in Central Europe in the Silesian Lowland, in the proglacial in Wroclaw on the Oder River and its four tributaries. sometimes called the Venice of the North. It is the historical capital of Silesia and lower Silesia.


In Wroclaw, crossed two major trade routes - Via Regia and the Amber Route. The town belonged to the Hanseatic League.

Is the main city agglomeration. The fourth largest population a city in Poland - 632 996 inhabitants, the fifth in terms of area - 293 km2. Wroclaw is also one of the oldest Polish cities in terms of the rights of urban locations.

The former capital of the Duchy of Wroclaw. Seat of the Prussian province of Silesia and Wroclaw district. Since June 28, 1946 the capital of the province of Wroclaw. Since 1 January 1999 the capital of Lower Silesia.

From 1000 by decree of Pope Sylvester II, Wroclaw became the capital of the newly created diocese of Wroclaw (one of four in Poland), from 1929 the Archdiocese of Wroclaw and the Wroclaw metropolitan area since 1992. Since 1951 is also the seat of the Orthodox Diocese of Wroclaw-Szczecin.

Wroclaw is the host of the UEFA EURO 2012 and World Championships in men's volleyball in 2014, European Capital of Culture 2016 and hosted the World Games 2017.

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